A downloadable game for Windows

Wishlist on Steam for the full release!!


Multiplayer mini-golf with a twist: Build the hole as you play! 

Alternate each round between placing hazards on the course and putting, trying to score the lowest strokes while messing with your friends!

Supports up to four local players, using either external controllers or keyboard configurations (or both!)

Note: Game is in early Alpha. Currently Windows only! There will be issues. Contact me with any bugs/comments/feature requests!


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Fore Score Alpha 34 MB


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played it. loved it. and my friends hated me :)

it's a very good game and a cool idea! would love to play the new updates!

Thanks so much for playing!!! I'll be sure to let you know when the next version comes out :) Always looking for feedback as well!


Hey, I found your game on reddit, and thought it looked interesting! Here is my playthrough of it. 

I can't wait for more levels, and more interesting obstacles!

I mentioned in the vid that you may be too lenient with the putting strength. If it is too powerful, it should fly back over the hole and miss, I think. That's all of my feedback, really enjoyed it!